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The everlasting Sunday

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The everlasting Sunday

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After we picked Elyse up at the airport from her trip to Australia, we stopped at a nearby diner.  It was late, about 9:30 and the sign on the door said they closed at 11.
We get inside and are ushered  a table. There are a surprising number of tables full.
One on the side had a family with three kids, man and woman.

The man started yelling  Like  you would to chase away a bear.  Only he was yelling at the waitress, accusing her of stealing his iPod.  The manager came, the girl walked way, beet red in the face. More noise.  The man sounded as if he had lost control completely.  Yelling at the kids now, talking as if they were animals.

I started to get upset.  I shook and started to cry.  I was angry and afraid for those with that man.  I actually wanted to go over and rip his balls off.  Karyn took me to the ladies' room to calm down.  By this time, I had regained some composure.
He was still at it when we got back.

No one has ever acted like that in my family or my friends. I can't believe people act this way.  I am willing to bet that when they got home, somebody got beat.

The woman said nothing.  She probably knew what was coming.

The iPod was on the floor by her feet.
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